Running out of 2013 hoping 2014 has open arms

I woke up this morning and realized 2013 was over and I almost wanted to cry.

This year has been the craziest year of my life and also one of the best. I became an Adult, I got engaged, I moved to a new country, I GOT MARRIED, . . . It’s just crazy. So much has happened is such a short 365 days and it’s crazy. I’ve almost been in Canada for 6 months now and I honestly just can’t wrap my head around how quickly time flies.

This time last year I was preparing to head to Canada for the first time to visit Colby and his family. I didn’t think that a year from then I’d be living here spending the next New Year’s eve with Colby in beautiful British Columbia.

This past year I’ve learned so much, I’ve grown, I’ve matured and I’ve taken some steps that other people thought was crazy. . . that even I thought at times were crazy. I’ve learned that in order to live, you have to take chances, no matter what anyone else says. I’ve learned to believe in myself and that I am capable of SO MUCH more than I ever imagined. I’ve learned that it’s ok to cry and it’s ok to change your mind. I’ve learned that there is truly no place like home and that your family is the most important thing you have – even if it takes 3,000 miles to come to that realization.
I’ve learned to humble myself, shut my mouth, trust others and forgive (and they are a continual process that I guess I will carry onto my new years resolutions for 2014. . .hah) I’ve learned that love knows no distance, there are selfless people in this world and that angels really do exist on earth.

Getting married to Colby has been the highlight of my year and one of the best decisions I have ever made. The influence he is in my life keeps me pushing forward and gives me the motivation I need to start another day despite how homesick or fed up I am. I could go on and on about everything I love about him, because he is so great. I love him so much, more than I ever thought possible to love something and it’s so magical and makes me so happy. I’m STOKED to be starting a new year with him and see where the year leads us!

I have some pretty big goals for 2014

1. Colby and I have decided to get fit! We want to take a cruise in 2015-2016 for a real honeymoon and we both want to be hott! (classic resolution I know I know)
2. We have also set a goal to go to Europe in 2020-2021 – before we start having kids. So savings is a big thing!
3. I want to become a permanent resident of Canada! (Not that I have too much control over this but hey – enthusiasm! :)
4. Visit Roanoke and renew my wedding vows to Colby and celebrate with my family and friends from home.
5. Take a beginners course in French
6. Be able to move into our own apartment (After permanent residency is established)

Here’s to also hoping that most of these aren’t forgotten by February! ;)
I’m pretty excited about the new year, wishing all my friends and family a happy one! Here’s to writing the wrong date on everything for the next month!

I love you all!



Silver Bells, Renovations, Christmas trees, Hooplah

It a bit overdue for a whole new post on my blog.

My life has been hectic – but lazy at the same time.  How is this even possible!?

Thanksgiving was a whirlwind of a day. I woke up early in the morning to start cooking and was really excited to share “American Thanksgiving” with my Canadian family.   I surprisingly cooked everything almost perfectly (having done most of it for the first time by myself) and I was content with how things turned out. We had some friends over and enjoyed company and had some good laughs.  It was a fun time –  as much fun as it was though, it was very hard being away from my family during one of my favorite holiday’s.  Skyping them them afternoon was bittersweet as in the background I heard laughing and joy, while I stood by myself in the kitchen my feet freezing cold on the tile.  At that moment I wanted to be home so bad . . .if only telaporting were real.

Since Christmas is right around the corner (This is my absolute favorite time of year, decorations and lights and happy people and music – ah. . . it just makes my heart smile)  Colby and I have kicked into finding deals on presents and trying to make our first Christmas together perfect.  Bummer though that I found out everything I had picked on Amazon for Colby couldn’t be shipped into Canada and I threw a mini fit. . . that’s one thing that sucks here!

That basement suite in my Father-in-laws house is another step closer to being finished! The drywall was delivered and we got almost all of it up already (We’ll be finishing tonight)  It’s so exciting to see the basement look more like a home. I’m so anxious to be able to paint, decorate and furnish the little space.   Colby and I have been looking at furniture, appliances and paint and it’s really exciting to finally have our own private space. 

There was a HUGE roller coaster with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website – my online signature WAS NOT working and it was driving me nuts. So we went and had to print off everything to send it via snail mail. . . this is after me spending the better part of a day trying to call and get more information from a real person on the phone, but since the typhoon in the Philippines that wasn’t happening.  So after trying ONE LAST TIME to esign – it finally worked and I was thrilled. It’s been paid for and I am now awaiting to hear back from the Canadian government that my implied status is over and I have been granted an extension of my visitor residency.  We’re just about finished with my application for permanent residency and that’ll be out the door soon as well – which will be another HUGE stress ball off my shoulders.

So amidst all this, there is a lot of documentary days where I sit and learn useless facts. Cleaning days when I just am going cleaning crazy,   sad days when I am so lonely I want to cry. Happy days when nothing can get me down.  

But they are mostly good days, because I am blessed to spend every day with my best friend. Someone who understands me, has never ending compassion and love.  Someone who I couldn’t live without. I love my husband! 

Anyway –  I’m going to go make dinner and hopefully get the rest of the drywall up! 


Smelling past memories makes it harder to be a “big kid” aka Adult

I’ve waited anxiously the past 10 days waiting for a box with my belongings from Roanoke.  I’ve checked the mail every day waiting for the Shopper Drug mart slip to show up letting me know I can pick up my box.  The past 4 days I have checked every day and was disappointed when nothing was there. Finally today it came and I was a kid on Christmas, picking the box up and being so excited to open it.   Colby helped me removed the tape and open the folds of the boxes and immediately the smell of fresh cut grass, soap, humidity, my Dad’s shirts in his closet, the smell of the boys bedroom as you pass it, a fishbowl, chili cooking in the kitchen,  my bedroom and how it smelled when the door was always closed. . . the smell of home hit me like a brick and all I wanted to do was shut the box back up and tape the smells inside so I didn’t have to be homesick tonight. . . .so maybe I could open it up later and appreciate it more some other time when I really need those smells. . .  But alas, the excitement of having some more of my things was still slightly present and I smiled big also holding back tears as I pulled out my blue piggy bank, my favorite pair of fall boots, my hershey pillow that was bought for me when I broke my arm and several other articles of clothing that I haven’t seen for almost 3 months.   I held them close to my face and just inhaled deeply through my nose trying to engrain in my memory the smell, because in not too long of time those smells will fade out and they will smell like Canada. They will smell like everything else here. They won’t smell like the south, they won’t smell like my family. They will smell like Colby’s house, and Colby’s things.  It is a really stupid thing to be upset about, but the other day I realized that if I were to go home tomorrow, I would smell different than my parents and their house along with my siblings still living there.  That made me kind of upset. 

Tonight I was looking through the pictures on my iTouch and watched the secret video I took of my Dad telling a mission story about spiders.  It felt good to pause my life and remember the moment that I recorded that.  It was nice to hear everyone laugh and to see my Dad do the laugh that my sister Olyvia also does. 

So, aside from a lot of homesick thoughts tonight after getting my box [I am still waiting for another one hopefully to be here within the next day or two]  Colby and I took another huge milestone and purchased OUR first car on Tuesday!  ImageColby’s Pontiac was about to bite the dust and so we decided that we can really only have a car for “us” this once, because in too short a time we are going to need to buy a car to cart kids around and so why not get something that we can enjoy for the 7 years that it’s just us.  So I made a deal with Colby and I began searching and praying and thinking hard and a miracle happened.  We found a 2005 almost perfect condition Mustang for a steal and were able to buy it!  It’s been crazy driving such a nice car and it’s so weird having people stare at our car for reasons other than it being a clunky ugly car!!  I’ve never bought a car,  the most expensive thing I’ve actually purchased. . . . is maybe an iPod or an iPhone, unless you want to count my rent in Utah for my apartment.    We are both so excited about it and I can’t help but smile every time I see it.  We were really blessed and I know it’s because I did my homework, looked hard and consulted all of my options and prayed about it.  Woo! We are proud Mustang owners! 

Sunday afternoon we went on a double date with one of Colby’s co-workers George and his darling girlfriend Brittni, to the Armstrong fair.  It was really my element and I felt so at home walking around in the chicken and goat pens and as nasty as it sounds,  I slightly enjoyed the nasty smell of the animals because it reminded me of driving past Poage’s farm and it made me happy. Funny I know.  I really enjoyed having the time away from the house and the stress and be able to be around another girl and make a friend.  We watched a Rodeo at the end of the fair and I was pumped because I remember always watching Rodeo’s on T.V at Papa and Ma’s house.  I couldn’t help but wish I could tell Papa all about it.  Because I know he would’ve been excited.    Then around midnight on our drive back to Kelowna we stopped at the Vernon Denny’s.  Aside from the fact that the service was horse “shite” and my food didn’t taste so swell anyway (I got grits at Denny’s and that also made me think of home and how I ate like, 3 year old Grits and Olyvia pointed it out and I couldn’t believe I didn’t catch that and I thought myself sick) anyway the next day I awoke to some serious food poisoning demons and I wanted to rip out my intestines completely. Thank God Colby is so caring. I would’ve died without his compassion.   But that day aside from me needing to walk around like I had a stick in my butt, we went shooting the rifles because hunting season is starting and everyone needed to site their guns.  That was a fun experience. 

SO anyway. Now that everyone is all caught up on my life. I’m going to cuddle with my fiance and talk about Pokemon and maybe tickle the pee out of him. Since that’s one of my favorite night time rituals [I love you Colby] 

I’m off. 

I love you all