Immigration, life, I suck at blogging ok.

Not that I think anyone really cares to subscribe or read these on a regular basis (I haven’t posted anything since June and I have no excuse. . . ) Obviously there needs to be another update on our lives and what’s going on with us since a LOT has happened in 6 months.

Colby and I had made all the plans to start the process to move back to the United States.  I had filled out all the forms, made the master plan and the plan B for the master plan. . . . and then, as usual the whole thing went up in flames. . . . again.  I think we’ve gone through like 5-6 plans for how we’re making this whole thing work and every time it’s gone caput.

We had set a date to withdraw my Canadian application which was estimated to be finished in 36 months, and get a partial refund and begin the process for the United States.  This had been accompanied with a lot of praying and speaking to our parents about what was best for us and what the smartest decision would be.   Throughout this entire process I have really been brought to the extreme understanding that God is in control and that his plan for our little family is and always will be the best option for us   – – -The day that we were going to withdraw we received an email from the Ottawa Ontario Visa office that my application had been put back on the fast track and they were requesting the final documents to wrap this thing up and get us onto living a normal newlywed life (Which gave us 2-4 months left)  I get really emotionally attached to my plans and so letting the Utah plans go after I had invested so much emotion and time into it was devastating. . . Not to mention embarrassing since we had to make it public that, that plan was over and we had to put our eggs back in the Canada basket.   Through all of that though it was evident that the answer to the bazillion and five prayers we sent up and the news from the visa office was that we were to ride out our Canadian application and see it through.

So we got my medical examination done and paid the final fee. Then the waiting continued until October when we found out they “had never received” aka they lost our documents but won’t take the fault and they’d be throwing our application out in 2 weeks unless they received it.  Except they wanted an FBI clearance as well now and that was taking at least 12 weeks to get. Thank God for a Mother that knows almost everything and continued to tell us to see our Member of Parliament and we got the whole thing back on track after getting them involved and they pressed Citizenship and Immigration Canada until they found what they had lost and decided they didn’t want to check and make sure that I hadn’t robbed a bank at 17 before I left the U.S.

Then, even more waiting.  They really leave you in the dark the whole time and it’s a constant worry of not being allowed to stay in Canada.  Being alone and waiting alone every day has really made me a stronger person in several ways but I can’t say I’m thankful for the experience. The isolation and feeling like no one understood or really cared that I was in a mini hell was/is a hard pill to swallow but I can’t fault anyone. I don’t know what I would say to someone that was isolated in a basement for a long time with no friends and nothing to do other than make crafts out of cereal boxes, cross stitch, binge watch netflix, make copies of themselves and make their lives better on the SIMS. . . ect.

Finally we were notified of a decision made on my application and we received my Confirmation in the mail that I could land as a permanent resident.

From start to finish the process took us exactly 9 months.  I land on January 7th, 2015

It’s a huge relief and almost surreal.  It seems after a year and a half of preparing and waiting “normal life” involving work/school isn’t even a possibility and I’m almost scared to be pushed back into the real world because I have stupid anxieties that maybe I’ll suck at working full time again, or I’ll be too dumb to go back to school.  “Adult life” is going to be starting for real now in 2015 and it’s the most exciting feeling ever but terrifying at the same time.

Anyway, so that’s a condensed update on what’s been going on with us for months.  Hopefully I’ll have something else to rant about on this dusty blog once I’m Landed and working. . . remind me then how much I hated being a netflix watching couch potato that knows every WWII fact. . .when I complain about having to go to work.

Love yo’ faces


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